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Extra ways to save as you entertain
by K'Mich Events on May 1st, 2012

You do not have to spend much to make the evening special. Create a beautiful ambiance with these simple, money-saving ideas.


Buy large, inexpensive bouquet at your grocery store or your local produce junction, and separate it in smaller arrangements. (I prefer buying flowers at a local produce junction because of a larger variety and better prices.) Clump votive candles together around the room to create a sparkling ambiance. In addition to that, add luminaries along your driveway leading to your house, to get the ambiance flowing, which will get your guests in the mood and looking forward to what is on the inside. Read more

2.    THINK POTLUCK      

Share the work and the expense by creating a menu and asking guests to bring one simple dish from it. You can use acronyms to make your event exciting – I.e. BYOB – bring your own beer, BYOD – bring your own dessert or BACD – bring a covered dish; just be creative.   


Keep the party going with another deliciously easy and affordable snack: Tiki Snack Mix, Oat-and –Cheddar Crackers, Spice Crispies, just to name a few; you can make your own snacks around your event theme.


Choose wine that brings out the flavor in your hors’d’oeuvres, as well as a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage, i.e. water served with slice cucumber in it, or a signature drink. Conversely, some hosts choose not to serve alcohol because of religious reason, time of day, or nature of event. For instance, I have assisted with coordinating of a non-alcoholic, breakfast food, theme Mardi Gras party where it starts at 7:30 am and ends promptly at 9:30 am. This idea came about because the client no longer want to absorb the high cost of producing the event and really did not want to continue to expose themselves to the liability of guests who might drink and drive. However, if you do serve wine, please remember to enjoy responsibly. Wine pick


Break out your best serving ware; even if it is just an evening in with the girls, (it is an easy way to make guests feel special)


Thank your guests at the end of the evening by sending them away with fresh hot fresh-brewed tea or coffee (decaf/caffeinated). Write a thank you note telling them how much fun it was to see them on their to-go-cup.

Happy savings!

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